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Famous Alternatives to Your Diamond Engagement Ring

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All diamonds are infrequent and priceless; hence the popularity of the diamond job ring, but some are considered superior for their size and beauty.

Famous Alternatives to Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Famous Alternatives to Your Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond chore orb is heuristic as article intermittent and valuable, a numeral of affection and deathless commitment Many couples are daunted by the fee of a traditional stone diamond assignment ring, but consider some of the most esteemed and most expensive diamonds in the world

The Great Star of Africa

This diamond, at 530.2 carats, is currently listed as the largest groove diamond in the world. It has 74 facets and is pear-shaped in facade but was originally dent from the Cullinan the largest diamond crystal ever discovered in South Africa in 1905, at 3106 carats, and which went on to be nick into 96 smaller stones Imagining having the intact kernel as your centre piece in your diamond mission ring? Sadly, not possible, as it is currently allowance of the august sceptre and resides in the Tower of London, along with the other Crown Jewels

The Orlov

This particular diamond is bluish unprepared and an exceptionally legitimate solitaire made famous for its chronicle It is rumoured that the fan started out as the diamond eye of the Hindu image of Vishnu located inside a shrine temple. After it was stolen in the 1700s, the solitaire was sold to the Russian Count Grigori Orlov, a paramour of the legendary Empress Catherine the Great, who offered it to her in a advance to win her love. Napoleon end sought the stone, although his host became spooked after a ghost warned them of the viable consequences The diamond is currently held in the Diamond Treasury of Russia in Moscow

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The Regent

Though no longer the heaviest diamond in the world, the Regent is stagnant considered the most beautiful diamond mankind has ever seen. It was top discovered in 1698 in India and was sold to the French prince, Philippe II, the Duc dOrlans, in 1717. The fan was used for the crown of Louis XV, as well as for a new crown for Louis XVI and then as an trappings in one of the hats of Marie Antoinette Although it was stolen during the revolution, it was recovered and then adopted by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801, who used the diamond on his sword It is currently residing in the French Royal Treasury at the Louvre.

The Blue Hope

Perhaps the most infamous gem is the Blue Hope diamond, which weighs 45.52 carats Believed to hold been discovered in 1642, it was purchased by King Louis XIV who had the devotee groove down from its original 112 carats While it is difficult to suppose a additional beautiful kernel for a diamond job ring, you may not deficiency to keep it There is a curious apologue surrounding this diamond and the rumours of a malediction attached to it after a previous hotelkeeper committed suicide, to the grasp that no one even wanted to feel it when it was presented to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington in 1949.

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